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A Legendary Name in Motor Oil

We offer a complete line of lubricants for all of your automotive, industrial, and heavy duty needs, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, farm equipment, industrial machinery, and even railroad locomotives. Ring-Free provides a full range of lubricants to meet most applications. Ring-Free, a legendary name in lubricants that has been trusted for over 70 years.

Revolutionary Performance in a World of Giants

In a world of giants, one oil company has consistently led the way in both technological achievement and on the race track proving ground to become one of the most respected names in the industry - Macmillan Ring-Free.

Our History

Scot Lubricants LLC is a locally owned and family operated business located in Northampton, PA. Scot manufactures and blends a full range of automotive motor oils, gear oil, automatic transmission fluids, heavy duty motor oils, railroad engine oils, industrial gear, hydraulic and other types of industrial lubricants, including synthetic and vegetable based lubricants.

Scot Lubricants’ President, Tim Fritz, and his son, VP of Operations, Adam Fritz, are the third and fourth generation family members of a custom, performance-lubrication and distribution facility.

Tim Fritz’s grandfather entered into the lubricant distribution business in 1943 with the founding of the Macmillan Oil Co. of Allentown. Macmillan Oil Co. made a name for itself by distributing the Ring-Free brand, which removes carbon and reduces friction, thereby increasing engine performance and longevity.

Our History Continued...

Tim Fritz joined his father at Macmillan Oil Co. of Allentown, before forming his own company, Scot Lubricants in 1986. Scot provided toll blending, manufacturing and packaging for Macmillan, the government, and other distributors. In 1987, Tim purchased Macmillan Petroleum Corp., giving Scot Lubricants the trademark to the Ring-Free brand and Royal Scot, where Scot Lubricants gets its name.

In an effort to continue to grow its business, and meet customer needs, Scot Lubricants moved to its present location in Northampton in the spring of 2011. The facility is approximately 250,000 square feet and supplied by a 400-foot rail spur. Scot is able to receive raw materials and even finished products directly to site via rail, which provides the opportunity to offer Trans-Loading and Terminal services to Scot Lubricants’ customers.

Scot Lubricants LLC presently has the capabilities to produce over 20 million gallons of finished product annually distributed in bulk, drums, pails and totes with its own fleet of Mack trucks, tank and dry vans, operated by dedicated, expert Drivers.

As an integrated toll blender/distribution facility service comes first…in Production, in Packaging, in Delivery, and in Quality assurance.

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